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About us

Pfando’s Cash & Drive GmbH was founded in November 2010 in Berlin and has more than 20 branch offices and about 60 employees by now. Our explicit aim to provide our customers all over Germany with liquidity at short notice has made us what we are today:
The market leader in the field of operating leasing with an unrivalled corporate structure. We know that you rely on us. That’s why it’s our ambition to do our best every day to ensure your satisfaction.

Mr. Renkel

General Manager

Mrs. Czikowski

Assistant to General Manager

Mr. Kümetepe

Director Germany

Mr. Iliew

Head of Administration | Commissioner

Mr. Romeis

Marketing Director

Mr. Nickel

Head of Branch Sales


Mr. Schneider


Mrs. Kadur


Mrs. Taube


Risk and Audit Department

Mr. Bagdahn

Head of Risk and Audit Department

Mrs. Vogler

Risk and Audit Department


Mrs. Steffens Accounting

Mrs. Steffens


Mrs. Menz


Transport and Logistics

Mr. Schram Transport and Logistics

Mr. Schram

Head of Transport and Logistics

Mr. Akbulut

Transport and Logistics

IT and Auction


Mr. Welfonder

IT and Programming

Mr. Kunze Auctioneer

Mr. Kunze


Customer Service


Mr. Meyer

Head of Customer Service

Görke Customer Service

Mrs. Görke

Customer Service

Mr. Michael

Customer Service

Mr. Türkel

Customer Service

Mr. Siewert, Erfurt

Mr. Siewert

Branch Manager Erfurt
and Manager Employee Instruction

Mr. Smajovic

Sales Coordinator

Mr. Ochmann

Regional Representative

Mr. Charalabakis

Regional Representative

Mr. Engler

Regional Representative

Mr. Bolat

Regional Representative


Mr. Lehr

Branch Manager Kassel

Mr. Hanific

Branch Manager Nuremberg

Mr. Pektas

Branch Manager Frankfurt

Mr. Yildiz

Assistant to Branch Manager Frankfurt

Mr. Scheibe

Filialleier Berlin

Mr. Cihan

Branch Manager Cologne Shop

Mr. Jansen

Branch Manager Kiel


Mr. Berger

Branch Manager Bielefeld

Mr. Kadour

Branch Manager Hanover

Mr. De Vries

Branch Manager Bremen

Mr. David

Branch Manager Mannheim

Lange Mannheim

Mrs. Lange

Assistant to Branch Manager Mannheim

Mr. Neuhaus

Branch Manager Hamburg


Mrs. Seeger

Assistant to Branch Manager Hamburg

Mrs. Kudoke

Assistant to Branch Manager Munich

Mr. Erol

Branch Manager Stuttgart

Mr. Toor

Branch Manager Stuttgart

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